Kiosk - Berlin

KIOSK for useful knowledge
Stazione Termini, Rom, 2004
Photo: Stefani Bürkle

A Life in Four Hours: A - K ( Part1 )
Hans Ulrich Obrist narrates. Listener: Michael Diers. KW, Berlin 2005
Photo: Stefani Bürkle

KIOSK for useful knowledge, Trailer
> Quicktimemovie, 50MB
Design: Stephen Craig

A life in four hours. Narrative 1, Berlin 2004
Thomas Heise
Photo: Stefani Bürkle

  KIOSK for useful knowledge
Narratives about Places, Cities and Territories 2003-2012

Space control 1: Israel, the Balkans, South Africa

  Space control 2: USA and The Perimetric Dictionary
  Space control 3: Campland: The Roma in Rome
  Space control 4: European Networks
  Space control 5: Substitute Radio, Berlin
  Space control 6: Battle Description
  Space control 7: Imaginary Geographies
  Space control 8: American Narratives I
  Space control 9: American Narratives II
  Space control 10: Who will have been to blame
  Space control 11: Nation Builders

A life in four hours:

  Narrative 1 Berlin
  Narrative 2 Montpellier / Berlin
  Narrative 3 Rostock / Berlin
  Narrative 4 Amsterdam / Brussels
  Narrative 5 Timisoara/Bucharest/Heidelberg/Berlin
  Narrative 6/11: A-K (part 1) and L-Z (part2)
  Narrative 7 Zonguldak/Ankara/Istanbul/Essen/Cologne
  Narrative 8 Istanbul/Berlin/New York/Los Angeles
  Narrative 9 Munich/Frankfurt/Istanbul
  Narrative 10 Arkansas/New York/Geneva/Cuernavaca/
  Narrative 12 Salzburg/Vienna
  Narrative 13 Berlin/Vienna

Narrative 14 Berlin/Paris/Salzburg/Vienna

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