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Space Control 5:

Photo: Thomas Aurin

Substitute Radio
Seven days of space control on frequency 104,1
Sun., June 1 - Sat, June 7

"Space originates in one's imagination"

ERSATZRADIO / SUBSTITUTE RADIO was a temporary radio station presenting within a period of one week a thematic atlas on the production and control of space, ranging from sites of a parallel legal system such as the U.S. base Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, the military and strategic functions of architecture like in the Israeli settlements on the West Bank, to gender-specific Apartheid in private homes.
140 telephone interviews, discussions with studio guests, world-wide local news and traffic reports, and contributions from 20 international free radio stations were produced, collected and broadcast in the form of spoken-word and music pieces along the lines of the following categories: planning, segregation, control, law, simulation, monument, and migration.
The different contributions were concerned with the description of an existing place, the experience of a landscape, the illustration of a public social geography, the mental map of an imaginary place, or the military and strategic map of an urban environment or territory. The programme worked with historical planning and control archives, present-day reports, and simulated, speculative future scenarios.

After the end of the one-week ERSATZRADIO / SUBSTITUTE RADIO programme, the station operated for three more weeks under the title JUNERADIO by our partners at bootlab: a three-week model aimed at establishing a free radio in Berlin.

SubstituteRadio I
EvOST. T5: G1/ 01.06.03
Susanne Lang, Lorenzo Romito, Jonas Friedman, Florian Schneider, Matthias von Hartz

SubstituteRadio II
EvOST. T5: G2/ 03.06.03
Jürgen Kuttner, Helmut Höge, Hannes Heer

SubstituteRadio II
EvOST. T5: G3/ 06.06.03
Max Welch Guerra, Stefan Kaegi

In co-operation with bootlab (http://bootlab.org), organised by radiokampagne.de (http://radiokampagne.de), Klubradio (http://klubradio.de), TwenFM (http://twen-fm.de), Radio Internationale Stadt (http://orang.orang.org), Partner gegen Berlin (http://partnergegenberlin.de), and others. In co-operation with the exhibitionTerritories at the KW.

Photo: Thomas Aurin