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Space Control 2:
USA and a Perimetric Dictionary of Berlin

Amie Siegel/ Patty Miranda
Berlin, Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, 29th of june 2003

Exhibition of the KIOSK archive Space Control I and extending the archive with the Perimetric Dictionary: six 20 minute discussions with experts on space control in Berlin.

Sunday June 29th, 7.30 pm , 2003
Volksbühne at the Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz
The archive of the kiosk can be inspected until July 4th always one hour before start of the performance.

Mehmet Bayram (Architect): The backyard mosques
Regina Kiepert (Geographer and bookseller): Cartography since 1742 - the Schroppsche Landkarten Anstalt (map institute), Berlin
Patty Miranda (Space caretaker): Maintenance and inspection of private space in Berlin
Tobias Schwarz (Social educationalist): Maximum security measures in the deportation detention
Percy MacLean (Presiding judge at the Civil Court): Paragraphs out of control
Norbert Pütter (Political scientist): Private security services Reader of the Perimetric Dictionary
Amie Siegel, author, filmmaker, New York (at the moment she is working on a film on Berlin)

Mehmet Bayram - Amie Siegel

Patty Miranda - Amie Siegel

Total Space: The US Patriot Act
Audiovisual presentations and lectures on the militarization of space

Starting point is the so-called US Patriot Act, an anti-terrorist law that came into force as a direct reaction to the attacks. It was passed in October 2001 by the American Congress. The act provides for far-reaching extensions in the competency fields of investigators and secret service agencies as well as radical cuts when it comes to citizens' liberties, especially in the fields of data privacy protection and the protection of minority groups.
The Patriot Act is the basis for a comprehensive militarization of public space, adding to the effects of the security discourse that has been taking place in the last few years and the urban development results that have come from this discussion (as in the gated communities).
The global "War on Terrorism" leads to a paranoid situation, an "optimal degree of fear" that is used to justify authoritarian structures and a rehabilitation of the military on a mass cultural level.

Natalie Jeremijenko, member of Bureau of Inverse Technology

Fiona Doherty , Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, New York: Legal and human rights consequences of the Patriot Act in the US

Duncan Campbell , Journalist and security issues expert, GB: On global surveillance and security technology

Kate Rich , Bureau of Inverse Technology (BIT): On the project Anti_Terror_Line

Tom Holert , Co-author of "Entsichert: Krieg als Massenkultur / The released safety catch: War as mass culture": On the "Subject of the crisis"

Natalie Jeremijenko , Design engineer, High-tech artist, New York: On her newest projects "intelligent systems" and models of total space control

For the lectures in English a simultaneous translation into German will be on offer.