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Space Control 4:
European Networks -
Networking against global wrongs?

27th and 28th of February, 2004, Muffathalle, München NEURO - Networking Europe

Mass protest at big manifestations is only one answer to globalisation. Political activists have in the last years also been establishing numerous big international networks. New technologies have played an important role in this process of linking every kind of grassroots movements to similar groups elsewhere, individuals to huge NGOs, universities to artists and local initiatives to the world. Many artists, activists and theorists involved in the networks meet in Munich at the end of February. Now that everybody is connected, we are waiting for social change
What is going on in these networks?. We asked the people, who should know, to talk to each other.

Photo: Matthias von Hartz

Drazan Pantic, New York (Co-Founder of Radio B92 and the first internet provider in Serbia and recently the Open Source Streaming Alliance for open source streaming)
and Micz Flor, Berlin (Founded networks of media-centres in Eastern Europe and Asia, developed open source software and online magazines)

Ted Byfield, New York (Faculty member of the Parsons School of Design, co-moderator of the nettime mailing list, and the 2002 Journalism fellow of the Design trust for Public Space) and Zeljko Blace, Zagreb (Initiator of "a.network", a platform of media labs/centers in South-East Europe and organzir a.o. new.media.culture.week "Critical Upgrade!" Zagreb)

Sandro Mezzadra, Bologna (Professor for History of Political Thinking and founder of the "Tavolo migranti" of the Italian Social Forum) and Geert Lovink, Amsterdam (Founder of the Australian network for new media research and culture and mailinglists like nettime and fibreculture)

Franco Bifo Berardi, Rom (Active Member of Potere operaio in the 60s, founder of Radio Alice in 1976 and the telestreet-tv-network against media-dictatorship in 2003)
and Valery Alzaga (Vice President of a big US-service-union where she runs the campaign "Justice for Janitors" organizing illegal cleaning people)

Tulip House with Matthias von Hartz in cooperation with NEURO- networking europe.
Neuro is a meeting of more than hundred networks and media-centres from around the world for practical critique of networking and the planning of new projects. A projekt by JFF, Multitude e.V., D-A-S-H supported by the EU-Commision and the federal minister for youth. (neuro.kein.org)